Tips For Protecting Homes Against Moths Warm Spell

As much as you love the warm weather, moths love the same. Therefore, your sun-soaked pool day may get interrupted with moth infestations. There are various reasons for the moth infestation. The warm weather is ideal for moths to reproduce. As a result, you may experience excessive pest occurrence in your home wardrobes, kitchen, and almost everywhere.

Moreover, moths tend to feed off textiles, woollen items, upholstery, and blankets. Therefore, you will get a dishevelled house along with dead bodies of moths. So, why don’t you find a solution that will work properly to prevent pest infestation? However, we have some tips to protect your home from possible moth infestations at home. Therefore, without further delay, let’s get started with the moth prevention tips and tricks.

Things You Can Do To Avoid Moth Infestations At Home

There is nothing you can do to stop moth reproduction during the summer season. However, you can always keep your home in check to stop possible moth infestation. If you don’t know-how, we are here to brief them out.

  • Moths tend to take shelters in warm dark areas. And what will be a better shelter rather than wardrobes? Therefore, make sure to keep your wardrobes clean regularly with suitable cleaning solutions.
  • Moths tend to feed on clothes. Therefore, you may find moth larvae on your clothes and regular paper. So, it will be a better solution to keep the clothing items covered. You can also use a vacuum dryer to clean the area thoroughly once in a while.
  • There are home remedies to avoid pest infestations. For instance, putting lavender bags, eucalyptus and bay leaves, and fresh conkers have proven effects on moth eradication. Therefore, you can put some of the elements in between the clothes.
  • Moths prefer warm and dark conditions. Therefore, you can keep your belongings, such as clothes, regular use items in an airtight container far away from their access.
  • During the summer season, moths lay eggs on clothes and paper stored in dark condition. However, if the situation is already out of control, you can isolate the eggs from your clothes and put them in a zip-locked packet. After that, you can put the bag in the freezer to kill the viable larva.
  • As you know, the heat can affect the moth larvae. Therefore, you can wash your clothes and belongings with hot water to kill the moths. However, if it happens to be your woollen items, you have to try an alternative solution, as heat can ruin the material.
  • Moths that feed off clothing items prefer warm and dark conditions. Therefore, it will be for your safety, if you can put the items to open air and bright light from time to time.
  • Even though the moth infestation seems a problematic thing, it is the larvae that create a problem. The moth larvae feed on the clothes and fabric. Therefore, you have to prevent a moth’s entry into your home. A mature moth can lay up to 40 eggs within three weeks. But the eggs take a few days to hatch to become larvae. The larva feeds on clothes and any fibres they find near them.
  • Due to deforestation, the moths have a limited area to roam. As a result, they end up invading public properties. So, if you stay near such places, make sure to use nets on your windows to stop their attack on your home.
  • If your home is already under moth infestation, you can discard or pack the ruined and infected clothes in a bag and keep them far away from your place. The feces and dirt from the infestation can attract more moths to the scene.
  • You can also use mothballs to handle increasing moth infestation. The mothballs burst to release toxic fumes that can kill moths.
  • Nothing can hamper your home if you keep the home in check regularly. So, make sure to clean the wardrobes, behind the cupboards, and bookshelves whenever you feel.
  • Second-hand furniture and wooden items seem a good purchase. But, if your area has a previous history of moth infestation, you have to avoid purchasing such items. A tiny bit of moth access to your home is enough to spread the entire moth infestation.
  • However, moth infestations are seasonal. Once the situation becomes unfavourable, they will leave your place as nothing matters to them. All you have to do is keep the place open. So, the insects can leave the place.

Now that you have professional tips and tricks to avoid moth infestation at home, keep your home moth protected. And if you don’t want much hassle you can always hire Pest Control Duncraig for emergency pest control services.